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Matt 5:9



The Rosicrucian Fellowship

International Headquarters


Worldwide Centers and Study Groups

Centro Rosacruz Max Heindel (Benavente - Portugal)

Fraternidade Rosacruz de Portugal

Fraternidade Rosacruz - Sede Central do Brasil

Fraternidade Rosacruz -Centro de Santo André

Fraternidade Rosacruz - Centro do Rio de Janeiro

L'Associazione Rosacrociana

Gruppo Studi di Padova

Association Rosicrucienne - Centre de Paris

Association Rosicrucienne - Centre de Toulouse

Association Rosicrucienne - Centre de Toulouse (new site)

Rosen-kreuser - Germany

Bücher von Max Heindel - Switzerland

Fraternidad Rosacruz - Centro de Bogotá

Rosenkreuzerski Pogled na Svijet

Asociación de Estudiantes de Filosofia Rosacruz Max Heindel Barcelona

Rosicrucian Centres  in Ghana 

Rosicrucian Study Group Vienna, Austria

Santuario Rosacruz - Uruguay



 Rosicrucian Top Sites

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The Rosicrucian Fellowship Magazine 

 Bible, Philosophy and Astrology - 

Established by Max Heindel on June, 1913.





Echoes from Mt. Ecclesia and

Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine
Edited by Max Heindel

 Web Version Edited by Charles Weber

Rays from the Rose Cross magazine 

Selected Articles

Web  Version Edited by Alexandre David

Rays from the Rose Cross 

 Selected Articles

From Rosicrucian Fellowship Web Site


Rays from the Rose Cross magazine 

Selected articles from 

The Rosicrucian University Web Site


 The Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine is published by The Rosicrucian Fellowship and is devoted to a blending of Mystic Christianity and Scientific Thought.


Rosicrucian University

Edited by Robert Jacobs

Living with Christ

Edited by Alexandra Porter



Edited by Allen Edwall



Edited by Jamis Lopez  


Poetry and Essays by Elsa M. Glover


Edited by Jamis Lopez

Bible :

Wonder Book of the Ages

by Corinne Heline


The Aquarian Age

 The Chymical Wedding

of Christian Rosenkreuz


Johan Valentin Andreae (1586-1654)

Rosicrucian Brotherhood

 by Robert Fludd

Fama Fraternitatis


A Discovery of the Fraternity of the

Most Laudable Order of the Rosy Cross


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Rose Cross

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New Age Bible & Philosophy Center

Sacred  Texts.

Collage of sacred texts, (c) 1999, J.B. Hare, All Rights Reserved

Philosophical Research So

 Kahlil Gibran




Unity School of Christianity

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


The Secret Teachings of All  Ages

by Manly Palmer Hall

Deluxe Online Edition

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An Introduction by


Blavatsky and The Secret Doctrine

How The Secret Doctrine was written

The plan upon which it was constructed

A summary of the teachings it contains






A Biographical Sketch of Max Heindel


A Biographical Sketch of Max Heindel


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